bandeau livraison des fleurs comme j'aime

You wish to deliver a bouquet of white, pink, yellow, orange roses,

choose, we take care of everything.

Send a bouquet of roses will always please the recipient.

Our network of florists delivers your bouquets of colored roses, 7 days out of 7, at home, at the office ....

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"Des Fleurs comme j'aime"

Your french online florist,

book with his network your flowers everywhere in France and abroad.

How to choose color, discover the symbolism of roses.

Red roses: ardent love, tell her (him) "I love you" by offering her (him) red roses, for a birthday, for Valentine's Day or simply for the pleasure of expressing your feelings.

White roses: They represent the purity of feelings, they can be offered for a new relationship but also for weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies.

Pink roses: They signify tenderness, joy, grace and elegance, can be offered to anyone as a token of recognition.

Orange Roses: They can be offered in all circumstances but also to share a hidden love.

Yellow Roses: They convey a message of warmth and friendship, well suited for thanks, or a good recovery. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid offering it to one's spouse, who can show signs of jealousy or infidelity.

Delivery 7 days a week including holidays.

A network of efficient florists at your service

bandeau flowers delivery des fleurs comme j'aime

flowers delivery des fleurs comme j'aime

bandeau flowers delivery des fleurs comme j'aime

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